Weekly Sermons - 2019

Our sermons are recorded in MP3 format. You can play them online or download them to your hard drive so they can be played later or transferred to CDs or MP3 players.

When you click on the MP3 link, a new window will open and automatically play the sermon. If you are using a computer, the sermon notes will be displayed right below the audio player so you can follow along.

The sermons can also be listened to using an iPad, iPhone or Android but the notes will not display on them.

SeriesHe Paid it All
19 Apr 2019 Implications of the Cross MP3 PDF 24:19 Rev. Chris Nichol
14 Apr 2019 Palm Sunday MP3 PDF 33:44 Rev. Bob Keith
07 Apr 2019 Preparing my Heart MP3 PDF 34:23 Rev. Bob Keith
SeriesThe Gospel of Mark
31 Mar 2019 The Kingdom of God MP3 PDF 45:49 Rev. Chris Nichol
24 Mar 2019 Secrets of the Kingdom MP3 PDF 48:01 Rev. Chris Nichol
17 Mar 2019 Jesus Faces Opposition MP3 PDF 33:19 Mr. Rob MacDonald
10 Mar 2019 Jesus Appoints the Twelve MP3 PDF 29:48 Rev. Bob Keith
24 Feb 2019 Authority of Jesus Questioned MP3 PDF 36:39 Rev. Chris Nichol
17 Feb 2019 Authority Over Sin MP3 PDF 38:20 Rev. Bob Keith
10 Feb 2019 Lonely Places MP3 PDF 34:22 Rev. Bob Keith
03 Feb 2019 Authority Revealed MP3 PDF 36:07 Rev. Bob Keith
27 Jan 2019 The Launch MP3 PDF 35:22 Rev. Bob Keith
20 Jan 2019 Introduction MP3 PDF 39:20 Rev. Bob Keith
SeriesStandalone Messages
03 Mar 2019 Baptismal Service MP3 PDF 24:01 Rev. Bob Keith & Angie
13 Jan 2019 Work as Worship MP3 PDF 41:30 Rev. Bob Keith
06 Jan 2019 Thailand Report MP3 PDF 41:57 Ben & Ali McCullough, Corinne & Bob Keith