We are very excited about what God is doing in and through our church family, and have been working hard to understand God’s design for the church and to participate in that design. As a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, we hold to the Statement of Faith and governance rules that have been carefully and biblically established in our governing documents:

These documents allow us to function smoothly and be in compliance with regulations for the C&MA and as a charitable organization. They contain some important details for you to be aware of in investigating membership with our local church body.

Other documents that need your review in considering membership are the following:

  • an explanation of our Mission Statement. This statement reflects Jesus’ mission given to the Church and the admonition in scripture about what the body of Christ is supposed to be about. We are committed to staying on mission in our local church — participating with God in advancing the gospel; building, teaching & baptizing disciples; and training & equipping disciples to be participants in this plan. We trust this will be encouraging as you look at the mission statement.
  • an article titled Editorial Voice — What We Believe written by H. Robert Cowles. This article works through and comments on the C&MA Statement of Faith which is outlined in Article III of the Local Church Constitution.
  • our Membership Covenant which outlines our 3D Discipleship Process. It contains a section on page 2 that each prospective member needs to fill out and to sign on page 4 before formally submitting their membership application. This is the only document that you need to print prior to a membership class.

If you wish to proceed with membership after reviewing this information, we ask that you contact our church office by Email to let us know that you will be attending our next membership class. We normally have 2 classes per year that are advertised in advance. The classes will be following a Sunday morning service and will include lunch with our Pastors and Elders; a chance to hear the heart behind becoming a member; and a chance to ask any questions you might have about our church and/or membership. At the conclusion of the class, you will have an opportunity to talk with our leadership team and sign our membership covenant. Your membership pledge will be reviewed by our Elders at their next meeting, and you will be contacted with the details following the meeting. If you want to hold off for whatever reason, please feel free to wait until you are ready.

Membership at Grand Centre Alliance is a three year term as outlined in the bylaws. After 3 years, we will contact you again to check in, finding out how we are doing at equipping and supporting your family, how you are doing at engaging in our discipleship process and the ways that God is working in your life. It keeps us connected and accountable – a privilege for your elders. If you need any clarification or have questions about the material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

God bless,

Your Leadership Team at Grand Centre Alliance Church

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