Our International Family

Haensel Family

Keith & Melanie Haensel – Niamey, Niger

In 2018, after much prayer, Keith and Melanie both heard God’s call for them to begin overseas work. The preparation process with The Christian and Missionary Alliance was encouraging, and through that process they began to sense that Niger may be where God was leading them. At first, they prayed that God would either provide somewhere else or change their hearts about the possibility of going to Niger. God slowly, but miraculously, built not only a willingness, but a great excitement to go to Niger.

To sign up for their newsletter you can email them at: melanie.haensel@hostedsys.ca or follow them on Facebook at: des Haensels en Afrique

Tim and Nancy Moore

Tim & Nancy Moore – Phuket, Thailand

Tim previously served as a professor at CBC/CTS/Ambrose University, and Nancy’s ministry was caring for cancer and acute cardiac patients as a Registered Nurse. In 2020 Tim and Nancy left it all behind to be Envision Directors in Phuket. This role includes hosting short term mission’s teams and running Justice Semester (JSEM), a 3-month gap program for young people. They also give leadership to the vocational retraining programs of Grace Salon and Cornerstone Bakery helping trafficked and at-risk people. They deeply love young people and are giving their lives to building into the next generation.

To sign up for their newsletter you can email them at: tim.moore@hostedsys.ca

Barry and Gerri McLeod

Barry & Geri McLeod – Mexico City, Mexico

Barry has served as lead pastor in a number of churches over the years, including Edmonton, Bali, Indonesia and currently in Mexico City. Barry and Geri lead Union Church, which was founded 150 years ago. Their mission statement is that “In Christ, we are being transformed and exist to love God, our Neighbors, and the Nations, taking the life-changing love of Christ with us everywhere.”

To learn more about their ministry go to https://unionchurch.com.mx

Ray and Cindy Perry

Ray & Cindy Perry – Mexico City, Mexico

Ray and Cindy served in full-time youth ministry for 22 years in churches in Alberta and Ontario. They have always been passionate about working with young people and short-term missions teams.

Their move to Mexico City to work as Envision Directors has been an exciting opportunity for Ray and Cindy to continue to work in the areas they are passionate about while journeying with people who are on a short-term missions experience, an internship, or an apprenticeship.

To sign up for their newsletter you can email them at: raycindy@hostedsys.ca

Darren and Minako Polischuk

Darren & Minako Polischuk – Siem Reap, Cambodia

When Darren & Minako founded Work of Your Hand they had a vision of a just world where the poor have dignified work and whose communities are transformed by the love of Jesus. They moved from Calgary to Siem Reap to start working towards that vision. They started Clothed In Dignity and Made For This Fabrication. Both are vocational training schools where marketable skills are taught, giving the people of the area the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families in a dignified way.

To sign up for their newsletter you can email them at: http://eepurl.com/gcqNn9 or you can follow them on Facebook at Work of Your Hand

No Name

This family serves in a closed country and because of security concerns we cannot list them on our website. However, they still need and value your prayers for their work and family.

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