Weekly Sermons - 2018

Our sermons are recorded in MP3 format. You can play them online or download them to your hard drive so they can be played later or transferred to CDs or MP3 players.

When you click on the MP3 link, a new window will open and automatically play the sermon. If you are using a computer, the sermon notes will be displayed right below the audio player so you can follow along.

The sermons can also be listened to using an iPad, iPhone or Android but the notes will not display on them.

14 Oct 2018 The Master of Time and History MP3 PDF 39:50 Rev. Chris Nichol
07 Oct 2018 Thanksgiving Sunday MP3 PDF 17:52 Rev. Bob Keith
30 Sep 2018 Thankful People MP3 PDF 40:39 Mr. Rob MacDonald
SeriesThere's a Place for You
23 Sep 2018 Obstacles and Objections MP3 PDF 37:49 Rev. Bob Keith
16 Sep 2018 Living in Community MP3 PDF 31:55 Rev. Bob Keith
09 Sep 2018 God's Heart for You MP3 PDF 37:24 Rev. Bob Keith & Rev. Chris Nichol
SeriesStandalone Messages
02 Sep 2018 Missions Update MP3   33:44 Miss Kelly Dyer
27 May 2018 Godly Good-Byes MP3 PDF 33:44 Rev. Bob Keith
15 Apr 2018 God's Heart for People MP3 PDF 25:44 Rev. Bob Keith
01 Apr 2018 He is Risen MP3 PDF 32:24 Rev. Chris Nichol
25 Mar 2018 Road to the Cross MP3 PDF 29:31 Rev. Bob Keith
SeriesThe Parables of Jesus
26 Aug 2018 The Good Samaritan MP3 PDF 37:41 Mr. Rob MacDonald
19 Aug 2018 Investing in God's Kingdom MP3 PDF 37:56 Rev. Chris Nichol
12 Aug 2018 Lost and Found MP3 PDF 38:26 Rev. Bob Keith
05 Aug 2018 The Deceitfulness of Self-Righteousness MP3 PDF 38:26 Rev. Chris Nichol
29 Jul 2018 The Unforgiving Debtor MP3 PDF 34:26 Rev. Bob Keith
22 Jul 2018 Seeds and Soils MP3 PDF 38:25 Rev. Bob Keith
15 Jul 2018 Secrets of the Kingdom MP3 PDF 37:59 Rev. Chris Nichol
SeriesWalk in the Light
24 Jun 2018 Walk in Truth MP3 PDF 32:08 Rev. Bob Keith
17 Jun 2018 Walk in God's Love MP3 PDF 34:59 Rev. Bob Keith
03 Jun 2018 That You May Know MP3 PDF 41:47 Rev. Chris Nichol
20 May 2018 He Who Believes MP3 PDF 32:05 Rev. Bob Keith
13 May 2018 Perfect Love & Fear MP3 PDF 33:35 Rev. Bob Keith
06 May 2018 God is Love MP3 PDF 24:16 Rev. Bob Keith
29 Apr 2018 Test Everything MP3 PDF 40:45 Rev. Bob Keith
18 Mar 2018 Blessed Assurance MP3 PDF 29:31 Rev. Bob Keith
04 Mar 2018 Love is a Verb MP3 PDF 46:14 Rev. Chris Nichol
25 Feb 2018 Children of God You Are Loved MP3 PDF 47:33 Rev. Chris Nichol
18 Feb 2018 Lying & Denying MP3 PDF 32:09 Rev. Bob Keith
11 Feb 2018 Do Not Love the World MP3 PDF 44:40 Rev. Chris Nichol
04 Feb 2018 Light & Love MP3 PDF 33:38 Rev. Bob Keith
28 Jan 2018 Walk as Jesus Walked MP3 PDF 34:25 Rev. Bob Keith
21 Jan 2018 In Him There is NO Darkness MP3 PDF 46:04 Rev. Chris Nichol
14 Jan 2018 How Do We Make Our Work Matter? MP3 PDF 45:12 Kieran Wheeler
07 Jan 2018 Setting the Stage MP3 PDF 18:00 Rev. Bob Keith