Weekly Sermons - 2013

Our sermons are recorded in MP3 format. You can play them online or download them to your hard drive so they can be played later or transferred to CDs or MP3 players.

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Series Christmas Messages
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
29 Dec 2013 Baptismal Service And Testimonies MP3   35:43 Multiple speakers
22 Dec 2013 God's Gentle Reminders MP3 PDF 34:35 Rev. Bob Keith
15 Dec 2013 Our Christmas Story MP3 PDF 33:33 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Testimonies
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
01 Dec 2013 Personal Testimony MP3   10:19 Rejene
01 Dec 2013 Personal Testimony MP3   6:00 Jessica
Series The Fourfold Gospel
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
08 Dec 2013 Christ Our Coming King MP3 PDF 32:54 Rev. Bob Keith
01 Dec 2013 Christ Our Healer - Part 2 MP3 PDF 13:34 Rev. Bob Keith
24 Nov 2013 Christ Our Healer - Part 1 MP3 PDF 43:34 Rev. Bob Keith
17 Nov 2013 Christ Our Sanctifier MP3 PDF 33:31 Rev. Bob Keith
10 Nov 2013 Christ Our Saviour MP3 PDF 37:38 Rev. Bob Keith
20 Oct 2013 Retracing Our Roots MP3 PDF 45:52 Rev. Chris Nichol
Series Thanksgiving
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
Series Communion Service
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
03 Nov 2013 Communion Service MP3   30:28 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Missionary Update
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
27 Oct 2013 A Missionary Update MP3   36:43 Miss Anne Stephens
13 Oct 2013 A Heart of Gratitude MP3 PDF 37:05 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Being a Disciple
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
29 Sep 2013 Duplication MP3 PDF 45:03 Rev. Bob Keith
22 Sep 2013 Demonstrate MP3 PDF 39:27 Rev. Chris Nichol
15 Sep 2013 Discover MP3 PDF 48:36 Rev. Bob Keith
08 Sep 2013 Introduction MP3 PDF 47:17 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Don't Miss This!
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
1 Sep 2013 Mission Team Report and
Communion Service Testimony
MP3   31:22  
25 Aug 2013 Sanctity of Life MP3 PDF 46:43 Rev. Bob Keith
18 Aug 2013 Christian Community MP3 PDF 51:48 Rev. Chris Nichol
11 Aug 2013 Embracing God's Ultimate Design MP3 PDF 53:37 Rev. Chris Nichol
04 Aug 2013 Be Hearers That Do MP3 PDF 39:12 Rev. Chris Nichol
28 Jul 2013 Thoughts On Praise MP3 PDF 37:38 Rev. Bob Keith
21 Jul 2013 An Uncomfortable Reality MP3 PDF 24:18 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Joshua
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
14 Jul 2013 Choose This Day MP3 PDF 43:53 Rev. Bob Keith
07 Jul 2013 Cities of Refuge MP3 PDF 35:29 Rev. Bob Keith
30 Jun 2013 Caleb: From The Cradle To The Grave MP3 PDF 40:26 Rev. Bob Keith
23 Jun 2013 The Sun Stands Still MP3 PDF 33:45 Rev. Chris Nichol
16 Jun 2013 The Marker of Baptism MP3 PDF 20:28 Rev. Chris Nichol
09 Jun 2013 The Illusion of Control MP3 PDF 39:10 Rev. Bob Keith
02 Jun 2013 Covenant Renewal MP3 PDF 39:49 Rev. Bob Keith
26 May 2013 The Ripple Effect MP3 PDF 33:29 Rev. Bob Keith
19 May 2013 Jericho MP3 PDF 38:55 Rev. Bob Keith
12 May 2013 Participating on God's Terms MP3 PDF 35:33 Rev. Bob Keith
05 May 2013 Stones of Remembrance MP3 PDF 44:18 Rev. Chris Nichol
28 Apr 2013 Crossing The Jordan MP3 PDF 35:10 Mr. Kieran Wheeler
21 Apr 2013 Rahab - Justified By Faith MP3 PDF 29:33 Rev. Steeve Arseneau
14 Apr 2013 Strong and Courageous MP3 PDF 42:31 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Remembering What God Has Done
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
07 Apr 2013 God Answers Prayer MP3   43:26 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Journey with Jesus
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
31 Mar 2013 He is Risen MP3 PDF 43:26 Rev. Bob Keith
29 Mar 2013 Good Friday MP3 PDF 33:19 Rev. Bob Keith
24 Mar 2013 Celebrate The King MP3 PDF 44:11 Rev. Chris Nichol
17 Mar 2013 The Prayer MP3 PDF 44:13 Rev. Bob Keith
03 Mar 2013 Directions for the Journey MP3 PDF 37:56 Rev. Bob Keith
Series Standalone Messages
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
24 Feb 2013 God's Heart For Missions: Pray, Give, Go MP3 PDF 42:11 Mr. Kieran Wheeler
17 Feb 2013 Baptismal Service MP3 PDF 39:29 Rev. Bob Keith
06 Jan 2013 Fireside Chat MP3   44:34 Rev. Bob Keith and Rev. Chris Nichol
Series Our God Saves
Date Topic Format Minutes Speaker
10 Feb 2013 A Reason For The Hope MP3 PDF 51:10 Rev. Chris Nichol
03 Feb 2013 Agents of Reconciliation MP3 PDF 39:34 Rev. Bob Keith
27 Jan 2013 The Great Exchange MP3 PDF 43:03 Rev. Bob Keith
20 Jan 2013 Every Tribe & Nation MP3 PDF 49:16 Rev. Chris Nichol
13 Jan 2013 Is God's Arm Too Short? MP3 PDF 45:44 Rev. Chris Nichol